Luxury Ski Holidays

Rich Vein Travel can help you to find the perfect skiing or snowboarding holiday. We have partnered with a selection of world-class hotels across North America and Europe to suit all budgets and experience levels. So whatever your needs are, we’ll be able to find you your perfect ski hotel. We can also arrange flights, transfers, equipment hire, ski passes, and more.

Ski and Snowboard Holiday Destinations

North America and Europe are the places to be in the winter if you enjoy skiing, but each continent’s mountain slopes have something different to offer. The mountains in Europe, especially the Alps, are impressively huge, and the ski scene here has a rich history. Many of the ski resorts in Europe are right next to quaint towns and villages, which makes for a really fun après ski scene. However, North American resorts benefit from more snow than European counterparts. In an average winter, Whistler expects over 10 metres of snow whereas Europe’s most snow-sure resorts will be delighted with 5 metres of snow. The grading system is also slightly different too. In Europe, the basic grading consists of blue runs (easy), red runs (intermediate) and black runs (difficult). But in North America, the grading goes from green (easy) through blue (intermediate) to black (difficult).

Ski and Snowboard Holidays in North America

The ski season typically kicks off in November and carries on through to the beginning of May. Canada and the United States boast some of the best snow in the world. The spectacular and diverse mountains of Canada are best experienced from the fantastic resorts in British Columbia which are surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Head to the Rockies, Banff in particular, and relax at one of the many Fairmont Hotels for an added touch of luxury. Whether you’re an avid skier or are planning your first ski or snowboarding trip for the family, these are a few of the many amazing places to choose from when you spend the winter in North America.

Ski and Snowboard Holidays in Europe

The European ski season typically begins in December and carries on through to the middle of April, although some of the Nordic resorts remain open until June. The most famous European destinations for ski holidays are in the Alpine mountain range which spans over the eight countries, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland. Throughout the entirety of Europe, the Alps contain the tallest mountains making them a hot spot for some of the world’s best skiers. However, ski holidays have always been great recreational trips because skiing accommodates people of all abilities. We partner with fantastic hotels in the most famous ski resorts such as Verbier, as well as the lesser-known resorts which offer fabulous fun for all the family.

Winter Sports and Activities

Don’t think you’ll only be restricted to skiing on a ski holiday. Destinations like the Alps accommodate for all kinds of winter sports, from snowboarding to tobogganing. In Scandinavian ski resorts, there are also many different types of skiing, the most popular of course being Nordic skiing. In North America, it’s also quite common to participate in snowshoeing, open-air ice skating, ice fishing, dog-sledging, and more!

Après Ski

Literally meaning “after skiing” in French, après ski is a tradition that has become a day-to-day ritual at many ski resorts in North America and Europe. Après can be anything you want it to be, from relaxing spa treatments in a cosy hammam, to live acts at the heart of a ski resort. For sheer unadulterated fun, Europe has the edge, with a range of cheesy nights, fancy dress opportunities on the one hand, and classy bars with exclusive nightclubs on the other.

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