Luxury Holiday Destinations

Luxury Holiday Destinations

Relax, unwind and escape everyday life, with a tailor-made holiday. As a luxury travel agency, our friendly team has first-hand experience travelling to some of the world’s most breathtaking holiday destinations. At Rich Vein Travel we are devoted to luxury travel and are experts in tailor-making unforgettable holiday experiences. Choosing a holiday should be an exciting experience, full of fun, learning, and discovery, not stress, poor communication and hidden fees! So, if you’re looking for a travel agency with expertise and fantastic service choose Rich Vein Travel.

Explore a selection of our luxury holiday destinations

Explore a selection of our luxury holiday destinations. Don’t worry if you can’t find your dream holiday destination. We only showcase a few options on our website, due to the bespoke nature of our holidays. Use the contact form to contact us directly, and our friendly team will be able to send across a tailor-made holiday proposal. Alternatively, use the live chat function, or call us on 0161879359.

Europe Holidays

It is impossible to explore Europe without being amazed at the continents ability to inspire and mesmerise. From the snow-capped peaks of the Alps to the rustic beauty of Greece and the tropical islands of the Mediterranean, Europe can provide memorable holiday destinations for every occasion and life stage. With immeasurable diversity across and within each of Europe’s fifty countries, Rich Vein Travel can create your perfect European luxury break. Our travel experts will work with you to ensure that your dream holiday becomes a reality and advise you on the best things to do and see in Europe. This may mean relaxing on one of Croatia’s hidden beaches, delving into Iceland’s Blue Lagoon or indulging in one of France’s six hundred Michelin star restaurants. Wherever we create your European experience, an ideal blend of culture, style and beauty is guaranteed.

Asia and The Middle East Holidays

Vast, tantalising, and enchanting, Asia delivers on a variety of levels. Visit the temples of Cambodia to the breathtaking beaches of Thailand and the vibrant energy of Hong Kong, Asia offers something for everyone. Whilst the decadence and extravagance of the Middle East, boasting dazzling beaches, gigantic malls, and the world famous hotels of Dubai, makes it an easy choice for those who cherish luxury holiday destinations. Rich Vein Travel can create your perfect holiday by making the ordinary extraordinary.

Australasia Holidays

Venture south and explore our luxury holiday destinations ‘down under’ where incredible adventures await. Our travel experts will guide you on the best things to do and see on your holiday to Australasia. Visit Australia’s outback and great barrier reef, to New Zealand’s Maori culture, to the lush tropical islands of French Polynesia, Australasia can offer everything that could you possibly imagine and more. Rich Vein Travel will create your perfect Australasian travel journey allowing you to truly explore the continents rare seismic beauty. With extensive experience, we can cater for every type of holiday in this region ranging from action-packed holidays with skiing, diving and whale-watching, to enlightening trips where you can discover Aborigine culture, to serene beach stays on exclusive remote islands.

North America Holidays

Vibrant, thrilling, exciting and exhilarating. These are simply four of the many adjectives we could use to describe this incredible part of the world. Our friendly travel experts will discuss with you the best things to do and see in North America. There are the snowy peaks of Whistler in Canada, the bright lights of New York, and the enviable heat of Florida. This is a continent so diverse it can be blanketed in snow in the north whilst the south can reach highs of thirty-eight degrees. Beyond the incredible weather, North America is renowned for being a melting pot of luxury holiday destinations, cultures and for possessing an infinite amount of sites to explore. Rich Vein travel can help you every step of the way. Hiking through the Grand Canyon? A trip to the Niagara Falls? A visit to a California’s Napa Valley? With Rich Vein travel, all of this can be arranged and more.

Caribbean Holidays

​Enjoy a luxury holiday in the Caribbean with Rich Vein Travel and discover the beauty of these idyllic islands.  The Caribbean epitomises laid-back living with enchanting beaches that you will never want to leave. But there is more to these islands than white sands and crystal blue waters. Our travel experts will kindly advise you on the best things to see and do on your holiday in the Caribbean.​ St Barth’s reputation for French cuisine and exclusive hotels is unparalleled. The dramatic twin coastal peaks of St Lucia, shelter magnificent rainforests where wild orchids and birds of paradise flourish in the tropical climate. Whilst the sheltered waters of the British Virgin Isles has earned the island a reputation as a sailing capital of the World ​dotted with quiet coves, safe anchorages and private paradise hideaways.

Beyond (South America and Africa) Holidays

At Rich Vein Travel, we create luxury tailor-made holidays all over the world. We only demonstrate a selection of our luxury holiday destinations on our website. If your dream destination or hotel is not currently on our website please contact us using the contact form below. Our travel experts ensure that each travel experience is special and memorable for all of the right reasons.
Contact our travel experts to book your next luxury holiday.
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