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6 Amazing Jobs You Can Do While Travelling The World

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For many people, travelling is a way to escape a boredom of a 9-to-5 job. For those weeks, months, or years spent travelling it’s nice to be able to leave the life that you used to know behind. But despite how much you save, and how cautious you are, you may still need more money. This can detract from the joy of travelling. In this blog post we highlight the best jobs that can be done whilst travelling. So if you’re short on cash for the next leg of your trip – read this blog post!

English Teacher

english teacher

Becoming an English teacher is a fantastic option for native English speakers. You don’t need an English degree or formal teaching experience. All that you need is a bachelor’s degree and TEFL certification (at least 100 hours in training). This is the most popular teaching qualification that travellers tend to pursue in order to teach abroad. 

Asia is one of the most popular regions for new teachers as the salaries are favourable. The average salary of an English teacher in a country like South Korea, Japan, China, or Taiwan is around £2,000 per month. 

It is possible to train without a TEFL certificate. But taking the time to do the training will make the job search easier, and improve your earning potential. However, without a TEFL it’s possible to work as a volunteer in classrooms to earn additional income.

Music Teacher

music teacher

If you know how to confidently play at least one instrument or sing, you will definitely be qualified enough to become a music teacher. All that you need is your talent, and determination to find enough clients in your local area. The best way to advertise your services is online on social media using relevant hashtags, and promote your own profile as a musician on platforms like YouTube. In terms of offline promotion – you may also want to create simple flyers to distribute in student areas and residential areas. 

Although the act of becoming a music teacher is slightly easier than becoming an English teacher, it may be harder to initially generate clients. This means that you need to be dedicated and persistent as it could take a while to get going!

Voiceover Artist

If you are a talented singer or an eloquent speaker, you might want to try becoming a voiceover artist. It is a simple and straightforward job, and very easy to do abroad as you can record remotely or on location at the client’s office. 

There is now a strong demand for voiceover artists all over the world, so whichever country you visit, there is a high chance of finding a company who needs your talents. Another way to sell your voice talent is through This platform was exclusively created to connect talented voice artists with the world’s biggest brands.
Voquent works with actors from over 250 countries, speaking in a mind boggling 1,500+ dialects and accents.


Dropshipping is one of the hottest jobs right now. With dropshipping, you have a website which looks like it sells products, but the orders are actually fulfilled and dispatched from China (usually). It’s popular because it is extremely flexible and there is a huge opportunity to make money if you sell the right product. 

On the one hand, dropshipping can be a great way to make money whilst travelling as you do not need an office to work from, or a warehouse for storing products. The website needed for the products you sell can be made fairly cheaply using WordPress or Shopify. And, because the products you sell will be dispatched from another country in the world you don’t have to worry about being stuck in one country for too long. 

However, on the other hand, there are disadvantages too. With dropshipping, you only make a margin of the profit on every sale. The actual seller is the one who makes the majority of the money because they are the ones who actually distribute the product. Also, because it looks like you are the business selling the products if anything goes wrong with an order the customer will blame you. You won’t be able to pass blame to a third party.
Therefore, before creating a dropshipping business it’s worth considering if it’s something you really want to do.

Beauty Therapist

beauty therapy

The beauty industry has been experiencing steady growth for more than a decade now because everyone wants to feel and look beautiful. 

If you trained in beauty therapy before you started travelling you will be able to offer your beauty services anywhere in the world. All that you would need is a hygienic environment to work in, this could be within your home, at a private studio, or in a salon. 

When you travel, consider marketing your beauty therapies in areas with a high population of expatriates. This is because they are more willing to pay a premium to look amazing.

Restaurant/Bar Work

Restaurant or bar work may not be the most glamorous job whilst travelling, but it’s a solid steady stream of income. You will enjoy other benefits on the job too. For example, you could get free meals, you’ll be able to meet new people from all over the world, and you may even pick up a new language if you’re in a non-English speaking country.  

Finding a restaurant or bar to work in is relatively straightforward. Simply create a CV which highlights your experience and print 100 copies. Distribute this to all of the restaurants and bars in your local area. Try to showcase your personality! Alongside this, keep an eye out for job posting sites.


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