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6 Ways Travel Can Prepare You For Your Dream Job

travel can prepare you for your dream job

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Whether you’re someone who loves an annual holiday by the beach, or dream of a months-long excursion across the world, it’s hard to take time out of your life to travel – especially if you’re a professional dedicated to your work. 

With other priorities and commitments in the way, globetrotting aspirations can become side-lined as we focus on other things. 

But no matter your future plans, you don’t have to put your personal development on hold to travel. 

These are just six ways that travel can equip you with the skills and experience necessary to pursue your career goals whilst fulfilling your personal dreams.

1. You’ll make new connections

making travel friends

Travelling can be a great way to befriend like-minded individuals who share your interests – whether that’s a love for music, a shared hobby or similar ambitions. 

And for an aspiring professional, an array of international friendships can be highly valuable and even translate to business connections in the future. 

Entrepreneurs who are well travelled also tend to succeed better in business for a number of reasons – travel teaches us patience, time-management, and practicality, all of which are valuable skills for our personal and professional lives.

2. You can learn a language

Additional languages are a life skill and one that many of us lack, but it can be beneficial not just to your travels but your working life as well. 

Research shows that a second language makes you instantly more desirable to employers – in a world shifting to globalisation more quickly than ever, it’s an excellent way to make and maintain connections. And not only do polyglots tend to have more job opportunities available to them, but statistically, they are likely to be higher earners too.

3. You can study on the go

Learn a language

If you’re one of the many adults who has considered returning to education, you’re not alone. 

But the problem with traditional study is that it can often tie you down – a position no traveller wants to be in – and is extremely time-consuming for those who prefer to focus on their career. 

With flexible remote degrees from ARU Distance Learning, aspiring travellers can work towards a new qualification and lay the foundations for their next career move without being held down in any one place! 

With courses that take place entirely online and an accessible digital learning format that fits around your routine, a distance learning degree will allow you to study on the move. 

The flexibility of these courses allows not only for your nomadic aspirations but any other working or personal commitments you may have, making it the ideal companion to your life-enriching travel experience. 

If you dream of travelling but don’t want to put your professional ambitions on hold, these are just three ways that travel can continue your development and unlock your future success.

4. You will learn how to adapt to unexpected situations

No matter how meticulously you plan your journey, there is always a chance that something can go wrong. You could miss a connecting flight due to a delay, or that Airbnb you booked may not quite look like the photos! 

Recognising that things don’t always go as planned and adapting to every new situation is an invaluable life skill. It helps build resilience which is essential in any job. Constantly being confronted with new challenges will also help develop your problem solving skills. This too is a positive attribute worth shouting about in any job interview. Remember, not everyone is able to talk about their skills and then support it with real life examples. So this will definitely give you an edge.

5. You’ll return more open minded


Travelling will reawaken your senses. You will experience new cultures, communities and cities. Such experiences should not be overlooked. 

Bit by bit, your opinions and perspectives will start to change. And by the time you return it is highly likely that you will be more open minded and accepting. 

Being open minded is key in any workplace – especially when working with diverse groups of people from a range of backgrounds.

6. You will become more confident

Travelling overseas – especially if you’re travelling solo can be a daunting experience at first. But over time it’s highly likely that you will become more and more confident. 

Whilst you are away you will be required to make a range of decisions from what to eat every day to navigating yourself around a new city or town. 

Asking strangers for directions, communicating with taxi drivers, and haggling in markets are just some of the ways that you will become a more confident person whilst travelling. 

These transferable skills will hold you in good stead when it comes to applying for your dream job. You will be able to speak confidently and clearly in any interview or presentation that comes your way.


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