Welcome to part one of our solo travel series. In this series we aim to shine a light on the ups, downs and downright incredible moments that you can experience as a solo traveller. Solo travel truly is one of the most rewarding ways to explore the world and immerse yourself in new cultures. So although a fear of travelling solo is fairly common for various reasons, we want to show that traveling alone can be fulfilling, life-changing and rewarding.


For part one of our solo travel series we have reached out to some of the world’s most inspirational travel bloggers, to hear from them, on the best holiday destinations for solo travel. Whether you would rather travel solo around a bustling city, or bask in the sunshine on a beautiful beach, here are the best places to travel to alone.

Effy Talks Life – www.effytalkslife.com/
Are you a city lover who thrives on getting lost in the hustle and bustle of a new city? Or are you an ocean lover who dreams of spending their days by the beach soaking up some sun? Thailand is the perfect place to start your solo travel adventure because it’s the best of both worlds. The capital of Bangkok is lined with some of the world’s best street food and you’re never far from something delicious to eat. In terms of attractions from temples to floating markets it’s a cultural hotspot like no other. Once you’ve eaten and shopped to your hearts content head further south down the country. You can either grab a night bus or if you prefer a short flight to the Thai islands. Here you can snorkel and swim to your hearts content. If you’re feeling adventurous you can even get your PADI scuba qualification on Koh Tao, which is one of the cheapest places to get qualified.

​No trip to Thailand is complete without a jungle trek up in the north of the country. Up here you can rent a motorcycle and visit the various national parks and waterfalls. Visit an ethical elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai and spend the day looking after some of the world’s friendliest giants. Or take a traditional cooking class and learn how to find fresh food at local markets. There really is no end of things to do and even as a solo traveller you will never feel alone.

Bucket List Journey – bucketlistjourney.net/


​Almost every destination can be perfect for solo travel, but I do have a few favourites and all for different reasons. In the city of Chiang Mai it is easy to find some expats to have a drink or dinner with, plus joining tours is fairly inexpensive and easy. Florence is a walkable city that has so much to do that you’d never get bored alone. Besides, who needs a travel companion when there is gelato?
It’s easy to get fabulously lost amongst the bustling streets of San Francisco and sitting solo at Marin Headlands with the perfect view of the Golden Gate Bridge can be a perfect time for self-reflection. With The Tube, London makes solo travel simple because you can zip around the city easily and safely, plus you don’t have to worry about any language barriers. You will immediately feel relaxed when you go to Maui, the locals are chill and there’s nothing wrong with lying on the beach alone all day with a fruity cocktail and a good book. Zurich is one of my favourite cities to stroll around solo. There are no words needed when you are enjoying the architecture in the Old Town and eating chestnuts from the street vendors. And who wants to share a pot of fondue anyway?
A Girl Who Travels – www.a-girlwhotravels.com/​
Malta doesn’t get enough recognition as a great solo travel destination. It’s more inexpensive than other countries in Southern Europe, while it still has a lot to offer (you can’t go wrong with the Blue Lagoon or strolling the gorgeous streets of Valetta). It’s also very small and hence easy to get around – you can see most of the island in just a couple of days. If you don’t drive, you can easily travel by bus – the tickets cost next to nothing!  The locals are friendly and there are always plenty of opportunities to meet new people, whether it’s at the beach or at one of many bars in Valetta or Paceville in San Julian.
A Girls’ Guide to Travelling Alone – www.girlsthattravel.com/​
For me, New York City is the perfect solo travel destination. You can be as anonymous as you like, and indulge in some excellent people watching. Anything goes in NYC and this city has such a unique buzz. Like nowhere else in the world.  I lived in the East Village in New York for a few months a few years ago and just felt right at home. I felt safe and had endless options at my fingertips. Eating out on your own is pretty much an art form here, and I ended up meeting all kinds of characters, from the White House worker who was in town for the Marathon, to new friends in a Mexican restaurant in SoHo, who were taking advantage of free tacos, whilst stranded downtown (like me), when Hurricane Sandy struck and Lower Manhattan was plunged in to darkness for days.
new york holidays
​Don’t miss the main attractions, like Top of the Rock and The Statue of Liberty, but take time to visit Brooklyn and Harlem. In fact some of the coolest hotels are in Brooklyn, and there are more and more affordable options opening up in Queens, and the Lower East Side. My favourite museum by far is the LES Tenement museum. A 19th Century fully restored tenement building which gives a glimpse into life as a migrant.

To experience NY as a local I would recommend checking out a gig at Brooklyn Steel or sampling the best arepas in town at Caracas.

We would like to say a huge thank you Efia, Annette, Marta and Gemma for their fantastic contributions. Want to learn more about solo travel? Visit the personal blogs of each of these inspirational solo travellers by clicking the links above. If you would like to book your own tailor-made solo holiday, contact one of our travel experts on 01618793959 or contact us via email info@richveintravel.co.uk. There has never been a better time to travel solo!

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