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lgbt travel tips
At Rich Vein Travel we believe that no dream holiday destination should be off limits. In this blog post we’ve caught up with several LGBT travel bloggers to hear from them on their favourite gay travel destinations and why they recommend them. If you’re looking for tips, advice and recommendations, then continue reading this post!

LGBT Travel Tips

Unite UK –
Travelling whilst being in a same-sex relationship can be daunting when it’s illegal to be gay in 72 countries. Knowing where to go, thinking about whether I’ll be safe, and knowing how to act are just a few of the many things myself and my girlfriend worry about. But we’ve luckily never had any bad experiences. One of the safest places for gay travel that we went to was Amsterdam. We were greeted by smiles, laughter and friendless by everyone. We saw many same-sex couples over there and I’ve never felt safer as a couple. Amsterdam holds similar views to the UK – if not more liberal. So you can be who you want, when you want and not have to worry!

If you are ever worried about travelling abroad whilst being LGBTQ+, I highly recommend researching the countries views on same-sex couples. We have to respect the way of living and sometimes it may not align with ours in the UK.

I’ve recently come back from Italy where to my shock I saw many same-sex couples in a very Catholic city. This small insignificant sight shows me that society worldwide is becoming more accepting of LGBTQ+ individuals. It’s amazing to see and I can’t wait for the day where we can travel anywhere without worrying. But do your research and talk to other LGBTQ+ travellers to see what the vibe is there.

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Amsterdam Canals

Soulsa Searching –

Being a solo LGBT traveller provides a whole pile of challenges and opportunities that perhaps other adventurers would not come across. I have been on the road now for about two months in South America. So far my favourite country has been Colombia, a surprise perhaps, but leave your preconceptions about whatever you have seen on Netflix at home. Colombia is fast becoming the destination for travellers of every type and budget. Colombia is a country full of beauty. The Amazon and the Caribbean are on your doorstep. The colonial architecture will take your breath away, and then, of course, there are the charming Colombian people, the food and the music. I could go on and on!

Far removed from my normal routine, I find myself coming out to people every day. Having to navigate the assumption of heterosexuality is probably the biggest difference when exploring the world as a rainbow traveller. When speaking with taxi drivers, hotel staff, and strangers who are all making friendly conversation occasionally the topic of pretty women comes up or girlfriends, and I have to politely correct them and explain in bad Spanish about my ex-boyfriend. Thankfully my responses have always been met with a smile and a sense of understanding. For a devout Catholic nation, Colombia seems to embrace you, whoever you happen to love.

If you’re planning a visit to Colombia then Medellin pride is well worth timing your visit around, it is usually around early July. It also ties in nicely with another LGBT event called Motion Festival which is in the coastal city of Cartagena, both parties had a great mix of locals and tourists. Not into big parties? Then check out the spectacular Isla Fuerte.

My biggest tip though, is that little Spanish goes a long way. So get some basics under your belt! Although English is being learnt by younger generations the vast majority of people don’t speak it. However, through a mix of basic Spanish, Google translate, hand signals and laughter you will always figure it out. That’s half the adventure and it makes for a great story. So, how does your gay travel story start?

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lgbt colombia

Daydream Explorer

My biggest passion is travelling the world. I’m proud to say that over the last 27 years I have had the chance to visit over 40 countries on 6 continents. As an LGBT traveller all I can say is – this world is open to each and every one of us but in some places like Jordan, Iran etc. we have to be careful.

I used to live in Cape Town, South Africa which is my favourite place on earth and I had an incredible time there. For gay travel, this country is just the place to be and it offers you everything you need/want and more! One of my favourite places, which also happens to be one of the most popular places is Camps Bay. The beach-front of Camps Bay is a long stretch of white, palm tree-lined sand. Cape Town is extremely gay-friendly. The city boasts a Gay-friendly Mosque called the People’s Mosque in an area called Boo-Kaap where I used to live. Another hotspot is a very famous club named CREW close to the Greenpoint Stadium.

I could talk about Cape Town forever. But I think you need to see it for yourself to truly understand why I love it!

If you’re visiting South Africa, make sure you do the breath-taking Garden Route where you can fully take in the real beauty of the country. Situated along the scenic Garden Route, you can book a transfer directly to the spectacular bungee jump site on the Bloukrans Bridge. You can try also try ostrich riding, indulge your taste-buds with a memorable wine tasting experience, or explore Tsitsikamma National Park. With dramatic coastal scenery and reefs this National Park is hiking and water sports paradise, perfect for diving, snorkelling and paddle boarding.

In Cape Town I definitely recommend hiking up to Lions Head mountain to watch the most beautiful sunrise ever, Table Mountain, Robben Island, and Boulders Beach to see the penguins. Monday to Saturday the best place in town is The Old Biscuit Mill Market. This vibrant space in the heart of Woodstock is home to day and night markets, enticing food stalls, and delicious restaurants. One way to explore the city is by booking a Kiff Kombi tour, a fun alternative to a hop on hop off bus tour.

Should you have the time, I really do recommend you to fly to Johannesburg to explore the wildlife in Kruger National Park. It’s an unmissable breathtaking experience. For me, it was just like watching a National Geographic documentary, but in real life!

To follow Filippo on his travels around South Africa, Antarctica, and beyond, follow him on Instagram. For our LGBT travel guide to Cape Town read this blog post!

lgbt south africa cape town

Wear What Suits You


Growing up on the West Coast of the USA allowed me to be surrounded by constant support and acceptance, and as such, I haven’t had much exposure so far in regards to how members of the LGBTQ+ community are treated around the country. With that in mind, my wife and I decided to spend our honeymoon exploring different regions around the United States, and document how we feel as a lesbian couple along the way.

Starting in Oregon we drove through the Southern states towards the East Coast. While going through the small (very blatantly religious) towns, we would either not pull over, or I would have my wife get out of the car to get food and/or gas. This is because she is more stereotypically feminine and can pass off as heterosexual. As someone with an androgynous style I can sometimes be confused as a man, and I was fearful of the repercussions as we passed through these areas.


Two of my favorite destinations so far on this trip were New Orleans and Nashville, mostly because they’re so fun, but also because we knew how accepting these cities were, and because I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about our safety. On that note I’m very interested and excited to explore the East Coast, especially in the states where I have never visited. While I know that the East Coast is generally more accepting, I am going to continue to remain conscious about gay travel so that we can enjoy our trip whilst also remaining safe.

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lgbt america holidays
We’d like to say a huge thank you to Charlotte, Zac, Filippo & Emily for their insightful contributions on LGBT travel.

Visit our gay travel page to learn more about our LGBT holidays.

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