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Luxury Honeymoons By Season

Deciding where to go on your honeymoon, is just as important as the destination. Travel to a honeymoon destination like the Maldives in September, and it’s likely that a large proportion of your honeymoon will be spent inside due to the rain. At Rich Vein Travel we believe that the time of year is vital when choosing where to go on a honeymoon. So read our blog post to find out more about the best luxury honeymoon destinations by season.

Summer Honeymoons

Booking a summer honeymoon means that you will be spoilt for choice. For an unforgettable honeymoon in Southeast Asia, travel to Bali. Bali is located south of the equator which means that whenever you choose to visit Bali, tropical warm weather is almost guaranteed. However, visiting between May and August significantly reduces the chance of rain because during these months Bali experiences “dry season”. The clearer sea waters across the dry season also make it perfect for water sport activities such as scuba diving, surfing and snorkelling.

bali holidays

However, for a luxury honeymoon slightly closer to home Oia in Santorini is a fantastic choice. Boasting spectacular views over the caldera, the idyllic surroundings of Oia have been a popular setting for many a honeymoon. One of the most unforgettable aspects of a luxury honeymoon to Santorini will be the breathtaking sunsets. Many of the luxury hotels in Oia have the perfect vantage point to watch the sunset. But you may even want to consider sailing towards the sun, on a luxury yacht for the ultimate romantic experience at sea.

Santorini and Bali are incredibly LGBT friendly. This makes them perfect for LGBT couples planning to book an LGBT honeymoon abroad.

Autumn Honeymoons

Planning a honeymoon in the Autumn? Then enjoy the cool crisp climate of Paris. The early sunsets mean you can ascend the Eiffel Tower in the late afternoon and watch the city sparkle as darkness descends around you. Low season in Paris starts from September and runs through to October. So during an Autumn honeymoon in Paris, you won’t have to deal with long queues to visit attractions.

In contrast to Europe’s cooler climate, India’s weather from October onwards is more likely to be warm, sunny, and dry. This makes it the perfect time to do the enchanting Golden Triangle route for the first time. One other thing worth taking into account when travelling India is the many festivals that take place throughout the year. Diwali takes place in India in either October or November every year, depending on the cycle of the moon. It’s observed on the 15th day of Kartik, the holiest month in the Hindu lunar calendar. So if you would like to experience the festival of light in India, visiting India in the autumn is a must!

taj mahal


Winter Honeymoons

For the full winter experience, travel to some of the world’s most spectacular icebound destinations. You could book a once in a lifetime Antarctica expedition cruise, for example.  The white continent offers unmatched glacial beauty. This could be perfect if you and your partner are passionate about wildlife and photography. However, a winter honeymoon doesn’t necessarily have to be cold! November, December, and January are the perfect months to visit the Maldives, the Caribbean, Thailand, and Australia.


A holiday in South Africa is always a thrilling prospect during winter in the UK. Whilst we’re freezing in the UK, South Africa is sizzling. Because of South Africa’s location, the country experiences summer when countries north of the equator are in the midst of winter. In a city like Cape Town, it’s common to experience highs of 27-29 degrees Celsius across from December to March, with hardly any rainfall.

Spring Honeymoons

Spring is a fantastic time for a honeymoon abroad. Gorgeous flowers begin to bloom, and warmer days become far more common. If you’re keen to explore a destination like Marrakesh on your honeymoon, visiting in the spring, instead of the summer can be ideal, if you’re not a fan of the scorching summer heat. You’ll get a mix of warm days and cool nights, and you can travel to any part of the country, desert or mountain in pleasant conditions.

Alternatively, you may want to fly to Japan for a honeymoon amongst the beautiful cherry blossoms. From late March to mid-April and even early May, the country’s iconic sakura (cherry blossoms) capture the attention of visitors and locals as their beautiful flowers blanket the country in soft pink. Cherry blossom season starts at different points every year, often beginning on the island of Shikoku before flowering begins in Tokyo, Kyoto, Sapporo, and Hokkaido. This means that if you’re on an escorted tour of Japan for your honeymoon in the spring, it’s likely that you’ll at least catch a glimpse of the blossoms at some point during your trip.

Japan Holidays

To book your luxury honeymoon with Rich Vein Travel contact our travel specialists today. We will always go above and beyond to recommend the best destination for you and your partner.


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