St Lucia: A Hidden Gem in the Caribbean

st lucia

​St Lucia, the lush mountainous island renowned for two mountainous spires called the Pitons, may not possess an abundance of white sand beaches like the Bahamas, or benefit from the dry climate of Aruba. But what the island lacks in some areas, it undoubtedly makes up for in others, and the understated alluring charm of the island has made it the hidden gem of the Caribbean.

​The Pitons, with UNESCO World Heritage Status are one of Saint Lucia’s most arresting sights. Boasting dramatic views of the Pitons and the Caribbean Sea throughout, the spectacular boutique Boucan by Hotel Chocolat is the perfect location to admire this natural wonder. With plenty of vantage points ranging from the black quartz infinity pool to the Boucan’s signature restaurant specialising in exclusive cacao cuisine, there are plenty of opportunities to admire the Pitons each day.  ​Moreover, the Boucan’s location on a 140-acre estate and active cocoa plantation means that once in a lifetime experiences to create your own chocolate, indulge in cocoa spa treatments, and explore the lush landscape are also available to guests of the hotel. Such one of a kind experiences set this fabulous hotel apart and truly elevate each stay.



​Elsewhere, on the western coast of St Lucia lies Marigot Bay just 4 miles away from the island’s bustling capital Castries. Described by American novelist James Michener as “the most beautiful Bay in the Caribbean”, Marigot Bay’s beauty has the power to captivate and mesmerise. The turquoise waters speckled with immaculate yachts, and the strip of white sand lined with emerald palm trees has made it a dream destination for lovers of luxury. Here, the Marigot Bay Resort by Capella provides extensive luxury facilities, with an on-site spa, a variety of dining options and the Rum Cave for an authentic rum tasting experience with regional rums and cigars.
​Beyond natural wonders and luxury hotels St Lucia also provides an array of opportunities to become immersed in local culture. From May to October the island comes alive with four incredible events including the ever popular annual carnival. In May, St Lucia hosts an international jazz music festival, with events in all parts of the country. In June and July allow the lively rhythms, bejewelled costumes, and the steel drums to enchant you as you dance the night away under the warm Caribbean sun. Whilst the Roots & Soul Festival and Arts and Heritage festival later in the year provide the opportunity to experience the new and the old as you become fully immersed in the history and traditions of St Lucia.
Bursting with culture, natural beauty and five star resorts, St Lucia is undoubtedly one of the hidden gems in the Caribbean.
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