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The Beauty of Luxury Rail Holidays

luxury rail holidays

On a luxury rail holiday expect a relaxed voyage from start to finish, as rolling hills and stunning landscapes flow past your window. The beauty and romance of rail holidays has cemented its popularity as one of the best ways to travel around Europe and beyond.

Crowds, long delays, and traffic do not apply when travelling by rail. But exploring the world by train has a ton of other benefits too.

Here are just a few of the reasons why luxury rail holidays are perfect if you’re seeking a hassle-free luxury travel experience.

Luxury Rail Has Become Even More Luxurious

Stylish, elegant, and luxurious, train travel has never looked so good! Over the last few years several luxury companies have introduced new routes and features that have made a luxury train holiday impossible to resist.

The Belmond Andean Explorer

In 2017 Belmond launched South America’s first luxury sleeper train – the Belmond Andean Explorer. Climbing to an altitude of more than 14,000 feet, one Belmond Andean Explorer journey begins in Cusco, the capital of the Inca Empire and ascends to the Andean plains, and the white city of Arequipa, on its remarkable trip to Lake Titicaca.
This exquisite train combines exciting daytime adventure with luxury accommodation. And when we say luxury accommodation we definitely mean it. With rich artisanal accents, hand-woven fabrics, and alpaca style textures, each cabin is a sumptuous haven of Peruvian inspired comfort. Did we mention that each cabin also has a private en-suite?

The Venice-Simplon-Orient-Express

It may be difficult to imagine, but Belmond raised the bar even higher this year. Since 1982 the legendary Venice-Simplon-Orient-Express, famous for its European rail journeys, has epitomised all that is luxurious and glamorous in the world of luxury train travel.

With routes from London to Venice, Paris to Istanbul, and Paris to Berlin, the Venice-Simplon-Orient-Express is the best way to travel around Europe by train.

In 2018, Belmond introduced three new luxury grand suites on board the Venice-Simplon-Orient-Express. The new grand suites were crafted to recall the golden age of travel. Each grand suite offers a double queen-sized bed and a luxurious en-suite complete with Guerlain bath products.

The three grand suites have been named after destinations on some the most popular routes. The Istanbul suite has been crafted with influences drawn from traditional Ottoman designs and the Topkai Palace. The Venice suite has been elegantly appointed with Venetian mirrors and an antique tapestry to exude the beauty and romance of the city. Whilst the Paris suite, decorated in an Art Deco style, has been elegantly finished with classic touches drawing on the capital city’s grand architecture. Private dining is also available in-suite, meaning guests can experience the culinary adventure of a lifetime whilst embarking on the train journey of a lifetime.
Suite on Venice Simplon Orient Express

Luxury Rail Holidays Are Hassle Free

When travelling by car, plane or ferry we often find ourselves rushing to arrive to a location at a certain time, or rushing to make the next connection. The stress of having to arrive hours before departure, packing for every eventuality, planning multiple routes and the relentless fear of delays can really taint a holiday.

But when travelling by luxury rail, such concerns fall by the waist side. It’s a hassle free experience from beginning to end. You can forget about super early arrivals as you often only need to board a few minutes before departure. Long queues and lengthy time consuming check-in procedures rarely apply too, with most journeys’ only requiring personal ID and a ticket.

Once on board you can also rest assured that you won’t be caught up in traffic – perhaps one of the best perks of travelling by train!

When exploring a continent or country by train you don’t have to worry about how you’ll get from country to country or city to city either. We all know how frustrating it is to book a flight, and try to find a connection at a reasonable time, or your preferred day. But on a luxury train journey this is all pre-arranged well in advance, so you don’t have to worry about a single thing.

At Rich Vein Travel, not only can we find you your dream train holiday, and tailor it around your needs, but we can also help you plan and book any transfers or connections. Meaning your effortlessly easy journey just became even easier.

Andean Explorer Holidays

Luxury Rail Journeys Can Be Intimate or Social

The beauty of luxurious carriages, steeped in history, charm and character makes them the perfect place to spend an anniversary, birthday, or special occasion. You may even choose to use a luxury train at the beginning or end of your honeymoon as a gateway to Europe and beyond.

With elegant finishes, decadent furnishings, and fine dining, a Belmond rail journey in particular sets the tone for a romantic intimate evening. Aboard the train, you’ll be able to relax with your partner, chatting, dining or enjoying a glass of fizz. Passing through Europe’s rolling hills, and picturesque landscapes you’ll enjoy the beauty of nature together and live in the moment.

When travelling by train you can enjoy each other’s company without distraction. And with your own private luxurious cabin to retire to in the evening you can spend even more quality time together as a couple.

But while many choose to experience luxury train trips with their significant other, train holidays are also perfect for solo travellers and groups. With your own private cabin, you can admire the views, indulge in some alone time, and treat yourself to a moments peace and tranquillity. However, for the rest of your journey, as a solo traveller, feel free to explore the train, and meet like-minded people in the restaurants and bar carriages on board. Friendly, social, and inviting restaurant and bar carriages are a great place to meet new people, while communal areas allow larger groups to socialise.
Hiram Bingham Luxury Train

With Rail You Can Venture Further than Ever Before

If South Africa doesn’t take your fancy, maybe Japan will? The futuristic champagne-gold Train Suite Shiki-shima, operated by East Japan Railway, has a five-star lounge, dining and observatory cars. There’s round-the-clock butler service, bespoke furnishings, piano recitals and exquisite cuisine prepared under the guidance of Japan’s first Michelin-star chef, Katsuhiro Nakamura.

Artisan touches are everywhere, from intricate, hand-cut glassware to energy-saving contemporary chandeliers and the metal “branches” in the forest-inspired lounge.

Launched in 2017, The Shiki-shima joins the ranks of Seven Stars, the opulent sleeper that traverses the southern Kyushu region, which launched in 2013; the deluxe Twilight Express Mizukaze, which debuted in western Japan in June 2017; and the wood-lined Royal Express, which commenced service in July 2017.
close up photography of cherry blossom tree

Add a Touch of Luxury to Every Train Journey

Luxury rail holidays are hassle free and incredibly luxurious. As a result, we always recommend them to our clients looking for a luxury escape. But unfortunately, for most, they’re not an everyday experience.

However, there are lots of ways to add a touch of luxury to each and every train journey. When travelling around Switzerland, upgrade your Swiss Travel Pass from 2nd class to 1st class. 1st class coaches offer a greater level of convenience such as more spacious seats, more legroom and power outlets. Additionally, travellers in 1st class benefit from quiet and business zones. As the 1st class seating area is usually located on the upper deck you benefit from better views too!

We also recommend upgrading to first class on the world-famous Glacier Express, to fully enjoy your experience on Switzerland’s most scenic train from Zermatt to St Moritz.

If you’re due to make a midweek business trip why not consider Eurostar? With high speed trains from London to Paris, Marseille, and Brussels to name a few, on a Eurostar train all you need is a Eurostar ticket and ID.  Faster than flying, door to door, and with seamless city centre to city centre travel, there’s no need to worry about shuttle buses to the city centre or baggage reclaim. Unlike the journey’s made by short-haul flights travelling similar journey’s, 90-95% of Eurostar trains arrive on time or within 15 minutes. This means that there’s also a far greater chance of you arriving to your destination well in advance.

When travelling for business on Eurostar we highly recommend opting for Business Premier. As a business premier traveller, you are able to use the Business Premier gate which closes 10 minutes before departure saving you precious time. You’ll have access to exclusive lounges for free Wi-Fi and refreshments. And for an added touch of luxury, Business Premier Travellers can also expect a delicious three-course on board meal designed by renowned chef Raymond Blanc.

Eurostar rail journeys

So why not contact us today to book your next luxury rail holiday or train journey? As specialists in tailor-made holidays, our team of experts are on hand every step of the way.


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