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Sail on the cruise of a lifetime with Virgin Voyages.

All inclusive and adults-only, experience a new type of luxury cruise with Virgin Voyages. The first ship, Scarlet Lady will set sail from the port of Miami in 2020. With four and five-night itineraries, taking sailors to Havana (Cuba), Costa Maya (Mexico), and Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic) enjoy a much-needed dose of Vitamin Sea and soak up the sunshine. 

If you’re curious, in search of adventure, and keen to try new experiences, then book your Virgin Voyages cruise today. 

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Will Set Sail From The Port Of Miami In 2020!

Scarlet Lady is a mid-sized boutique ship hosting more than 2,770 sailors and 1,160 amazing crew from around the world. The first of three Virgin Voyages ships, Scarlet Lady will take to the seas in 2020, followed by two other “Lady Ships” in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

What Can You Expect On A Virgin Voyages Cruise?

Spectacular Cabins and Suites

Over 90% of the cabins and suites on Scarlet Lady have ocean views, with the vast majority boasting spacious sea terraces featuring custom design hammocks. Inside, each cabin has been created to transform throughout the day. Your bed is no ordinary bed. It’s a Seabed. By night, it’s comfy, with soft sheets for a revitalising sleep. But by day, your Seabed can be transformed into a lounger which turns your cabin into the perfect space for socialising, and makes your cabin feel like a home away from home. The added touch of mood lighting that automatically adjusts throughout the day further enhances the experience inside each cabin. Other features to be found in most standard cabins will include an in-room entertainment system with a 43-inch 4K flatscreen HDTV, a minibar, desk with mirror and flexible wardrobes

Whether you’re cruising in a couple, group, or simply sailing solo, we can find the perfect Scarlet Lady cabin for you. From XL Sea Terrace Cabins and Sea View cabins to Social Insider cabins with chalet style bunk beds, there is a range of options to suit each sailor.

However, if you’re looking for something larger, there are Rockstar Suites and Mega Rockstar suites available.

Sailors staying in the Rockstar Suites will be provided with:

  • Transfers to/from the ship
  • Rockstar Agent service
  • In-room bar (complimentary)
  • Membership to Richard’s Rooftop (an exclusive lounge area)
  • Luggage assistance by the Virgin Voyages wardrobe team who will unpack and repack all of your things
  • Exclusive access to everything on board – even behind-the-scenes doors
  • A dedicated bar, complimentary food service, an outdoor terrace lounge, sun loungers and beach cabanas at The Beach Club at Bimini

Sailors staying in a Mega Rockstar Suite will receive all of the above, as well as:

  • A suite in a prime location on the Scarlet Lady
  • Outdoor shower
  • Special requests
  • Curated port experiences

Immersive Experiences

There are three fantastic itineraries on the horizon with Virgin Voyages:

Havana After Dark (Cuba)

Prices start from £705 pp including taxes and fees

On this itinerary, you’ll embark on an epic journey from vibrant Miami to Cuba’s capital. But before reaching Havana, you’ll spend some time on the private island of Bimini in the Caribbean! Arriving at 9:30am in Havana, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in all that the city has to offer. In the capital city of Cuba, you’ll be able to meander through the streets of Old Havana. This UNESCO world heritage site is perhaps most famous for Catedral de San Cristobal, and its 16th-century plaza’s, alongside the historic cars and architecture.

Try tamale’s, arroz con pollo, and churros for an authentic taste of Cuba. And in the evening, salsa dance the night away or join a people-to-people cultural exchange for an even more immersive experience. 

There is are four-night, and five-night options available.

A four-night itinerary for Havana After Dark is below:

  • Day 1: Miami, Florida (departing at 19:00 from PortMiami)
  • Day 2: Bimini, The Bahamas (arrives at 08:00)
  • Day 3: Havana, Cuba (arrives at 09:30)
  • Day 4: Havana, Cuba (departs at 05:00)
  • Day 5: Miami, Florida (arrives at 06:30)

A five-night itinerary for Havana After Dark is below:

  • Day 1: Miami, Florida (departing at 19:00 from PortMiami)
  • Day 2: Bimini, The Bahamas (arrives at 08:00)
  • Day 3: At sea
  • Day 4: Havana, Cuba (arrive at 09:30)
  • Day 4: Havana, Cuba (departs at 05:00)
  • Day 6: Miami, Florida (arrives at 06:30)

Mayan Sol (Mexico)

Prices start from £730 pp including taxes and fees

Sail from effervescent Miami to the unexplored shores of the Yucatán Peninsula. The five-night “Mayan Sol” sailings to Costa Maya will allow sailors to fulfil their Tomb Raider style fantasies. Explore the ancient Mayan ruins and experience luscious jungles. Visit the Great Maya Reef which is the second largest reef in the world (second to the Great Barrier Reef). The Great Maya Reef is home to 75 species of coral and 500 species of fish, crocodile, manatee and turtle.

After exploring some of Mexico’s most mesmerising sites, sample Costa Maya’s top-tier restaurants and clubs on the beach.

A five-night itinerary is below:

  • Day 1: Miami, Florida (departing at 19:00 from PortMiami)
  • Day 2: At sea
  • Day 3: Costa Maya, Mexico (arrives at 09:00)
  • Day 4: At Sea
  • Day 5: Bimini, The Bahamas (arrives at 09:00)
  • Day 6: Miami, Florida (arrives at 06:30)

Dominican Daze (Dominican Republic)

Prices start from £750 pp excluding taxes and fees

On the five-night “Dominican Daze” you will sail from PortMiami to Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. Puerto Plata is famous for its dreamy beaches, lush landscapes, and old colonial-era architecture. Enjoy lazy days on the beach, or pursue adventure, by taking a cable car to the cloud-level summit of the Isabel de Torres mountain, or by spending a day rowing a kayak through the canyons. However you choose to spend your time, the memories will stay with you forever.

A five-night itinerary is below:

  • Day 1: Miami, Florida (departing at 19:00 from PortMiami)
  • Day 2: At sea
  • Day 3: Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic (arrives at 09:00)
  • Day 4: At Sea
  • Day 5: Bimini, The Bahamas (arrives at 09:00)
  • Day 6: Miami, Florida (arrives at 06:30)

Bimini, The Bahamas

Virgin Voyages will provide an exclusive experience to be featured on all sailings. Every sailor will be able to experience the Caribbean island of  Bimini. Inspired by Necker Island, sailors can enjoy an epic beach day and/or explore the island flavour and culture of Bimini. This dreamy paradise has sandy white beaches and inviting blue waters. But first, you’ll need to book your Virgin Voyages cruise!

The seven-mile-long island of Bimini will be home to The Beach Club at Bimini, inspired by the famous beach clubs of Ibiza, Saint Tropez and Mykonos.

Mornings at The Beach Club at Bimini will begin with yoga and meditation as sailors enjoy the sounds of the ocean. The energy at The Beach Club at Bimini will be gradually amplified as the day progresses and turned back down as dusk settles in. Sailors will reach the high point of the day by the afternoon where DJ-led pool and flotilla parties will be the centre of the action. The night’s energy will wind down with a beach bonfire to close out the evening with an acoustic musical performance.

Grammy-Award-winning and mega-producer DJ Mark Ronson will play the first set on Bimini for Virgin’s DJ residency program. He will play four times in 2020. The specific performance dates will be announced soon.

The Beach Club will also have complimentary food that is thoughtfully sourced. Its locally inspired menus will serve up island favourites such as conch and mango salad, banana leaf-wrapped queen snapper, Bahamian rum cake and more.

As sailors start to explore the club they will be pleased to discover creative social spaces with hammock groves and six bars where Sailors can congregate in groups of friends. Those looking for a home base for the day can enjoy the many beach loungers, or opt for a more private place to cuddle up, with beach-side and poolside cabanas available for rent. The Beach Club at Bimini will also feature active areas for watersports and beach play.

Sailors staying in Rockstar Suites will have their exclusive slice of paradise at The Beach Club at Bimini, with a dedicated bar, complimentary food service, an outdoor terrace lounge, sun loungers and beach cabanas.

Sailors looking to explore the island of Bimini will have ample opportunities to do so in this off-the-beaten-path tropical destination. The island is a beach-lovers paradise with welcoming and warm residents. It was a known favourite of author Ernest Hemingway, who described it as “like the end of the world.” This intimate seven-mile island offers extraordinary sea experiences such as boating, snorkelling, and even wreck diving, with the SS Sapona just a few miles off the coast of the southern part of the island.

Sealicious Eats

Gone are the days of cruise buffets, long waits at set meal times, and awkward dining experiences. On a Virgin Voyages cruise, how you eat, what you eat, and when you eat is completely down to you. Your cruise – your rules. From haute cuisine to healthy, to quick fast food options, the on board eateries will give sailors the opportunity to discover something new or indulge in the familiar. The 24-hour food and beverage service is always made to order.

There are 20 different eateries on board the Scarlet Lady, that rival the food scenes of major cities! There’s a Korean BBQ restaurant Geonbae where each meal will begin with a complimentary round of soju. You can dive into Mexican cuisine at Pink Agave, an elevated Mexican restaurant that delivers authentic flavours and traditional favourites.  Live La Dolce Vita at Extra Virgin, the signature Italian restaurant on board. And for a brunch with a difference, head to Razzle Dazzle for drag queen brunch with serious sass. There’s something for everyone on board a Virgin Voyages cruise. 



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On board, you can expect an elevated boutique feel. This purely adults-only environment has been designed exclusively for adults. The Scarlet Lady’s dynamic design will mimic that of a yacht with a sleek silvery-grey hull with smoked glass, and of course, distinctive touches of red. The ship’s livery was conceptualised by Ben Christie and David Azurdia RWD from Beaulieu England, who are leaders in super yacht design, created the iconic red Virgin funnel of the vessel. To complement the ships revolutionary ship design, Virgin Voyages partnered with some of the world’s best interior designers and design studios, such as New York’s Roman and Williams (The Ace Hotel and the Standard Highline) and Concrete Amsterdam (Citizen M and Hotel Zoku).

By working with the world-leading pioneers in design they have been able to reimagine the cruise experience and create a space that exudes modern luxury. From the VIP rooftop, and sky rooms, which use dichroic rainbow-effect glass, through to the world’s first tattoo studio at sea – appropriately named Squid Ink, the Scarlet Lady boasts spectacular spaces with a sense of drama and fun throughout. 

Wellbeing At Its Core

Worried about missing that core workout? Missing your Wednesday Yoga class? Virgin Voyages not only focuses on the wellbeing of the ocean but also that of its sailors. On board, sailors can enjoy a selection of health and fitness classes as part of the ‘Vitamin Sea’ wellbeing programme. Private sundeck The Crows’ Nest will be the location of sunrise and sunset yoga sessions. The B-Complex Gym houses spinning, yoga and cardio classes, with beautiful ocean views. And an outdoor boxing ring and running track (The Runway) can be found on board. There are also group workouts, and fitness classes, both of which are included in the price.

Not quite your idea of fun? Then worry not. You can enjoy the health benefits on board, without necessarily working up a sweat! The Gym and Tonic bar will serve delicious cold-pressed fruit juices for actual Vitamin C. Furthermore, Redemption, the ship’s spa may be the perfect place for you to unwind. This tranquil hideaway is complete with a hydrotherapy pool, mud room, salt room, and cold plunge pools.

Entertainment For All

By day you can sail to new ports, sunbathe, and enjoy the fantastic facilities on board. If you’re wanting to brush up on your culinary classics, then The Test Kitchen is one not to miss. Foodies will love the cooking classes, mixology school and coffee labs.

But by night, sailors can attend an evening spa party where an amazing DJ will transform the spa’s thermal suite into a mermaid hideaway extravaganza. Or you can party like a rock star at signature nightclub The Manor. The two-story, three bar space is named after Richard Branson’s first recording studio. As music is a fundamental part of Virgin’s DNA, we can pretty much guarantee that the music will be world class, so you’ll have a fantastic time dancing to tunes from the newest, greatest, and most promising artists in the music scene. Pack your dancing shoes, your favourite outfit, and dance the night away. 

Incredibly Eco-Friendly

Virgin’s eco-conscious approach to its first ship is a reflection of Richard Branson’s own interest in environmental conservation. On a Virgin Voyages cruise, you won’t find any single-use plastics. The Scarlet Lady will also primarily feature energy-efficient LED lighting. And in each cabin, presence sensors will be used to turn the cabin into energy saver mode if empty. 

Externally, the hull for the Scarlet Lady was designed to be as hydrodynamic as possible, to ensure that it sails as efficiently as possible. The Scarlet Lady also uses Azipod propulsion technology which reduces fuel consumption by 15%, and has partnered with Swedish cleantech experts, Climeon, to convert heat from ship engines back into electricity. This helps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.



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